Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Back to life...Back to reality

Well firstly I must apologise for my long absence.

I had originally decided it was a good idea to start a blog one mad night with my dear cousin Annie and since then it has been virtually impossible to think of anything but my pending pregnancy and my house move.....

Now that the move is done...phew, I can finally take a deep breath and look forward to my long and awaited maternity leave with anticipation..

I hang my head in shame, as I have only managed 2 blogs since my original set up in September and this is mainly due to the hectic lifestyle I am leading which involves all the daily menial tasks listed below......

-Waking up most mornings at 4.30am when my boyfriends alarm goes off for work

-10 hours of working in and out of my car every day within a 150 mile radius, this includes 1-2 hours of catch up admin in the evenings to manage the mound of complaints I get through on a daily basis

-Walking the dog before and after work

-Cleaning up after the dog which regularly includes the use of a hoover to maintain a hair free environment and to stop my boyfriend moaning about his allergies!

(by the way I woke to a lovely aroma of dog sick this morning, as obviously the left over Salmon I had given him for tea last night had definitely not agreed with him.... this was not good,  2x huge piles of what can only be described as meatballs which have been smothered in peanut butter and regurgitated..... having to scrub carpets at the crack of dawn...mmmmmm nice!) (note to self... no more human food will be given to dog ever again!)


-Shopping for dinner, Cooking for dinner and washing up after dinner ( usually most days if a microwave meal is not involved)

-4 hours a week of ante natal classes

-Getting the home and baby room sorted, since I only moved house a week ago, this has involved unpacking the 25 boxes of crap that have been sitting 'winking' at me in the spare room

-Bathing, showering and generally trying to maintain some form of hygiene, which includes remembering to dose myself twice daily in Bio-oil to prevent the stretchmarks during my pregnancy (by the way I can categorically say I cannot shave or see my bits since I am now 7 months pregnant so I dread to think what is growing down there!!lol)

-Washing, drying and ironing and generally trying not to let the laundry basket take over the house

-1 hour of facebook to catch up with my Cafe world, which I have lovingly nurtured for the 18 months or so (ok ok so that is not a top priority!) (however it is the only chance I get to cook a decent meal...virtual or not!)

-Some form of attention/conversation with my long suffering boyfriend ( if I have the time...)

-Preparing the daily packed lunches (usually 4 rounds for my boyfriend as he eats for England and never ever puts on weight...aaarh)

-Then trying to get at least 7 hours kip before I have to do it all again the next day....

Please tell me how the hell I am going to fit a BABY into all of this....Let alone some form of social life or a blog for that matter?!

Well I am sure that when I start my Maternity leave in approximately 6-8 weeks time I will have lots of spare time to sit down and take a breather, oh no I forgot, it will time for the xmas shopping.... baa humbug!

Oh well... no rest for the wicked.

Ciao for now and will post again soon xx