Friday, 13 May 2011

Maternity leave is over back to the grind!

My last blog post was dated November and if anyone is still out there I am very sorry and very surprised to still have you... but I have had a very good my boy!

Its all very well having a blog but finding the time between baby sick, dirty nappies and royboy the dog looking at me with longing eyes for his daily walks it has been any way..

After 7 hours of labour 2 epidurals and an emergency c-section Mitchel owen was born on 21st January.

I must say everyone had told me that nothing can prepare you... your not wrong, I think at times I was seeing double with the sleepless nights and the constant housework and dirty nappies and all this was such a culture shock for me!.. I was used to working full time, having collegues drinks on a friday night and managing not only a busy high paid job but managing myself and all of a sudden this little person full of baby puke was dictating my life..

At the end of all this upheaval and turmoil (and the scar finally healing) I can honestly say having Mitch was the best thing that ever happened to me. He is just the most precious, hillariously cute, gorgeous baby.(I know everyone says your baby is cute even though they are pig ugly - mitch is a lucky exception he really is a beautiful baby) It is truly fullfilling in every way.

Michel having one of his moments.....

So after 4 months of nappies,10 daily minutes of tummy time and venturing into the wonderful world of Jeremy Kyle, ladies coffee mornings and 'bumps and babies' classes (hello to my fellow NCT matey's) is back to work and back to the grind stone!

....Let me just say there is nothing more humerous than to watch peoples faces as 5 young women and new born babies with prams race frantically towards them in the park...its like being part of the mafia! lol -its like what is going through there minds- how can all these women possibly have a child at the same time as each other....?

So I will try and keep you up-to-date on the hilarious things Mitchel and I are doing on a day to day basis...

Starting with 'I have never seen a 4 month child sulk'.... he really did have the 'hump' for about 3 hours when I picked him up from his first day of care with his auntie. It was like 'how dare you leave me for all that time'. He even refused his favourite bath routine and opted to puke and shit all night just to punish me... It really pulled at my heart strings and made me feel guilty but at the end of the day I know he will get used to it and he will grow up knowing 'mommy' loves him even though she has to go to work...
Mitch looking gorgeous.. xx

So for now its ta ra...I won't bore you with the 'back to work' stories yet, but its tough.. Has anyone else experienced going back to work after maternity?

See ya soon x C

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