Monday, 27 September 2010

Mondays with who's eating gilbert grape

Well Happy Monday all my fellow bloggers and thanks so much for taking a 'newbie' under your wing and giving me a very nice welcome -hope I won't let you down.

After my last blog at that ridiculous time on Sunday morning, you will be pleased to know I am feeling much perkier following a massive roast dinner on Sunday and plenty of iced juices.

Baby has been kicking the hell out of me today so he must have survived the eventful weekend hurrah! (not the alcohol but the Karaoke- anyone that can survive 3 hours of me screaming at the top of my voice must have staying power!)

So this morning is the morning I always dread. MONDAYS!

To tell you a little about my job (without boring the pants off you)- I work in Sales and have done since I left the mob 8 years ago.

My current employer is a washroom provider and I reluctantly took the role 3 years ago thinking I would never make it, as I knew being in this high pressured target driven environment would be really hard graft and I thought I wouldn't last 5 minutes ....However 3 years on and several top performer awards later (currently displayed on my living room cabinet she says blowing on her fingers... HAAA) I have done alright and I continue to enjoy the trials and tribulations and pressure of Initial washrooms.

However Mondays are always really crap! Today started off with a really bad dream which I won't go into but it involved my partner.... his ex, sex and Copenhagen!

Then whilst dragging myself through the shower I had several phone calls from customers complaining about late installations and it really didn't get any better than that!

After being stuck in the rain, fog and traffic jams for 2 hours this morning I finally arrived my first call of the day only to find one of my service drivers arguing with my client, as he has decided to scrape his van past the guttering of her building and cause extensive damage, which I am not joking when bits and pieces of guttering are scattered on the floor it must be pretty bad! (bugger it ...I forgot my camera, for instead of feeling sorry for the said driver I was thinking this would make a smashing blog picture..grr)

Then the afternoon turned out OK with the downside of driving 2 hours to Tamworth to sign a new customer only to have the joy taken away from me by getting a bloody parking ticket! oh joy.


Well hopefully my day tomorrow will be better than today and I must try and think of something more interesting than talking about work, even though I suppose my job is 90% of my life, some of the stories I could tell you about would be hilarious! Especially the time I was trying to sell to a client, I was explaining the breakdown of my quote and she fell asleep on me twice!! Oh well another time ...

Bye for now xx

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